Ready Made - Christmas Jigsaws

This year, give family and friends a Christmas gift to remember. 

Send them a Message Box puzzle: a specially designed 25-piece 17 cm square wooden jigsaw that, once assembled, will reveal your greetings and good wishes.

It's easy to do: just make your selection and then check out. Simple!

We'll make your jigsaw, wrap it with a gift card so they know it's come from you and then we'll send it directly to your lucky recipients.

Friends and family will be intrigued, engaged - and delighted you helped make their Christmas extra special...

Now, if you feel inspired to create your own unique message, head over to our 'Make Your Own' range for more ideas...

white christmas bottles of white and red wine in a rack

A White Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a White Christmas alright - but not quite the one ole Bing sang about! Make them smile when they put together this festive gift: a 25-piece wooden jigsaw they'll enjoy - and with such a great message, too!

cuddling christmas penguins

Christmas Cuddling Penguins Puzzle

Who can resist these cute penguins? Make friends and family go 'Aah' when they make up this 25-piece wooden puzzle gift from you. So much more thoughtful than a card don't you think? And penguins...they are cute, aren't they?

christmas wreath and reindeer red against white background

Christmas Reindeer Jigsaw Puzzle

Another bright idea, this time a 25-piece wooden jigsaw with stars and a reindeer picked out in a festive red. Wish them a Merry Christmas in this original and fun way; a gift that's a message and a puzzle all in the same box!

prosecco glass against coloured blurred background

Prosecco Christmas Bubbles Jigsaw

A perfect Christmas gift for those who like their celebrations to have some fizz. This 25-piece wooden jigsaw, with its vibrant colours, will be a real Christmas winner and have them smiling and raising a glass to your thoughtfulness...

silly christmas brussel sprouts

Silly Christmas Sprouts Jigsaw

Time for a bit of Christmas silliness. Sprouts: you love them or you hate them - but we bet you never thought about them in quite this way! Send this cheeky Christmas gift and you'll have them laughing when they put together the 25-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. You never know, things might just get competitive!

traditional christmas wreath against a white background

Traditional Christmas Wreath Jigsaw

Don't just hang a wreath on the door: send your goodwill message to friends and loved ones in the form of a gift jigsaw too. Just make sure that when they complete this 25-piece wooden puzzle they don't try to hang it somewhere: that might not end well!